Mandragon v2

Mandragon R.C.C.

The Mandragon is believed to be a result of an ultra-secret experiment at Lone Star between dragons and+ humans. Most (60%) had no magic powers. (Roll percentile.) The Mandragon is a large (8-12ft) well-built humanoid with scaly green skin and the frightening appearance of a dragon. The dragons that were crossed with the humans at Lone Star were believed to be Great Horned hatchlings, though others may exist. Mandragons are believed to live about 1,000 years, and with each passing decade look meaner and more terrifying.

Special RCC Bonuses

+2 to save vs. Horror Factor, +1 at levels 3,6,9,11,13,15

Horror factor of 8, +1 per century of life

Has wings that allow he/she to fly at 80mph.

Nightvision 120ft, see the invisible

Bio Regenerate at 5D6 MDC per 5 minutes (20 melees)

Teleport: Same as Great Horned Dragon RCC, with all percentages ½ed

Metamorphosis: Same as Great Horned Dragon RCC, with all duration ½ed

+2 pull punch, +2 roll, +1 dodge, +2 initiative, +1 vs. psionics, +1 vs. magic

Sense ley lines and nexus points at 20 miles

Magic: If the character successfully rolled for magic, at 3rd level, he/she may select 5 spells. Every level above that, he/she may select one spell by normal means.

PPE: 1D6x10+10, +1D6 per level.

Psionics: Major Psionic. May select one super power at levels 4 and 8. DO NOT HALVE SKILL BONUSES DUE TO MAJOR PSIONIC.

ISP: 2D4x10+10, +1D6 per level.


IQ: 3D6 MA: 4D6 ME: 4D6 PS: 5D6(supernatural) PP: 3D6+10

PE: 3D6(supernatural) PB: 3D6 SPD: 4D6

MDC: PEx10, +10 per level.

Alignment: Typically selfish, but may be good or evil. Most (50%) are anarchist.

RCC Skills:

Dragonese 98%

American 98%

Detect Ambush +10%

Wilderness Survival +10%

Hand to Hand: Expert (may change to Martial Arts or HtH Art of The Dragon for the cost of 1 "Other" skill



Basic Math 98%

Demon Lore +10%

Hunting +10%

Track Animals +10%

Track Humanoids +10%

WP: Sword

Other Skills (select 5) +1 at levels 5, 9, 13, 15

Any category not mentioned is considered "any".

Espionage (any except intelligence and sniper)

Mechanical (none)

Medical (any except MD in Cybernetics)

Physical (any except Acrobatics)

Pilot (any, +10%)

Science (none)

Technical (any, +15%)

Wilderness (any, +20%)

Secondary Skills (pick 3) +1 at levels 8, 11, 15

Equipment: Light travel clothes, backpack, belt, belt pouch, sunglasses, gold earring (or other jewlery), large canteen, 2 weeks of rations, 4 digit number tatooed on back (Coalition ID)

Weapons: 1 ancient weapon of choice, 1 energy rifle (TW weapons are a favorite)

Money: 2D6x100 in credits