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Mist Person R.C.C.

The Mist People are a direct decendant of true atlanteans that came and setled on the elemental plane of air and later completely adapted to their enviornment.

PS: 5D6 PP: 5D6 PE: 5D6 PB: 4D6 IQ: 3D6 ME: 5D6 MA: 3D6 SPD: RUN/FLY HOVER MACH 1 MDC: PE*20 +200 +100 /LV PPE: PE*10 +100 +100 /LV

ISP: ME*10 +100 +100 /LV CHI: PE*10 +100 +100/LV

Makes no sound, or trace of movement in any form. Has 2 forms corporeal or mist, has no aura in either form and can turn invisible super in mist form unlimited duration. The body can at as a Gravidic forge 29000G force any object thrust into the a Mist person that is not indestructible or runic is broken automatically or if it is indestructible or runic then it is bent until removed (<example> a opponent strikes the Mist Person with a sword and the sword manages to get thru the force field ability and penetrates the skin of the Mist person the the sword is automatically broken.)

Impervious to: fire/cold/illness/disease/poisons/toxins/gass/drugs/and ageing

regens 20mdc/act/hit auto and will regenerate lost limbs and organs in 2 hrs time

all mist people have the following abilities at will:

Controlled Multi-Phasic Force Field: 1-PE x10 +100 +100/lv

Controlled Shikomi-Zue: 1-1d10x10 +10/lv +PS +punch/kick

Controlled Shockwave: 1-200ftr 1-1d6x100 +auto knock down and knock back100ft +2ft per damage point taken

Controlled Magnetic Shockwave: 5hits per hand used 1-1d20x10 1d20x10/lv per hit +auto knock down and knock back 10ft +2ft per damage point taken 1000ft range

Multi-Image: 1-6 +6/lv copies of self that imitate exactly what the user is doing lasting 2hrs per use -2 to hit user successfully per copy in existence.

Raging Demon= <100> 36hit +6d6+ps dmg per hit can be layered with other techniques, never misses, must be first attack of the round

Pack Attack= <x4 power/tech cost> a technique that summons into existence for 1 attack 4 exact copies of your self to do one attack then vanish

Convert Chi to PPE: 1=6, PPE to Chi: 1=6, ISP to PPE: 1=6, PPE to ISP: 1=6,

Chi to ISP: 1=6, Chi to ISP: 1=6

Teleport Self and 2 people touched 5miles and carry 1000 +1000lbs/lv or create a 2way 10x10ft/lv Dimensional Portal or only 1 way if desired 10 mile range.

Psionics: as per Psi-Fighter

Magic: as per Ley-Line Walker O.C.C.

Can use any OCC or PCC