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Race: O.C.C.: Level: Alignment:

Age: Ht: ’” Wt: lbs Gender:

P.S.: P.P.: P.E.: Spd: P.B.: I.Q.: M.E.: M.A.:

H.P.: S.D.C.: M.D.C.: I.S.P.: P.P.E.: Chi: Save vs. Poison & Magic: +

Charm/Impress % Skill Bonuses: +% Save vs. Coma/Death: % Trust/Intimidate: %

Save vs. Psychic attack/Insanity: + Save Vs. Pain: + Save Vs. Poison/Magic: + Save vs. HF: +

Spd: of X 20 = yards per minute () x .681818181818 = mph () yards per 15 seconds () yards per second ()

Combat Stats:

Special O.C.C. Abilities:

O.C.C. /R.C.C. Abilities:

O.C.C. Skills:

R.C.C. Skills:

O.C.C. Related Skills:

R.C.C Related Skills:

Secondary Skills:

Special Martial Arts Form:

Special Martial Abilities:

Standard Equipment Carried: